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Why You Should Take Advantage of Durant OKs Real Estate Market Today

Why You Should Take Advantage of Durant OKs Real Estate Market Today

Why You Should Take Advantage of Durant OKs Real Estate Market Today

Sep 14, 2018
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Where is the hottest real estate market this year?

If you have always wanted to own a piece of real estate, these days are the best time to get one. The market is hot right now and Durant, OK is currently among the fastest rising cities in terms of growth. Whether you’re looking to establish roots, start a family, launch a business, or transfer for work, Durant, OK is a great place to be.

Presently, the city is at the height of a housing boom. There are lots of available homes for sale in Durant, OK which most median income earners can definitely afford. For many, buying a home in Durant is a wise investment. It is a livable city that offers a lot of opportunities for its residents, both old and new.


Why is it a good time to purchase a home in Durant, OK?

According to the Texoma Housing Report released by the Board of Realtors, the comparable data for 2016 to the first half of 2017 looks favorable for both buyers and sellers. In Bryan County and surrounding areas, residential homes are very affordably-priced.

The average list price for Durant homes went down 0.18% during the first and second quarter of 2017. Hence, more buyers took advantage of the lower prices, causing a total market to grow 1.09% during the early part of this year.

A total of 301 homes were sold in Durant, OK between January and June 2017, compared to the 269 homes sold at the same time last year. The 11.89% increase in market sales meant a steady growth in the local real estate market. Homes are selling fast, with most listings lasting (on average) only three months, so it pays to decide quickly once you’ve found a good deal.


So what makes Durant, OK a great place for working and living?

Well, first of all, Oklahoma has been one of the fastest growing local economies in the US since 2013, with its rich oil fields. Aside from this, Oklahoma also tops other US states in terms of agriculture with its production of hay, wheat, and cattle.

Bryan County is also among Oklahoma’s top counties in terms of year-to-year growth, giving Durant citizens the ability to both enjoy the fruits of low cost-of-living and a high quality-of-life. In comparison to national average, Durant offers an affordable place to live that’s vibrant, friendly, and highly-accessible.

Homes for sale in Durant, OK are also situated near schools, hospitals, and local shopping centers. The neighborhoods have easy access to main highways along with other local amenities. Overall, the housing market in Durant is a major draw for many people, especially for those who want a bargain.

Whether you need a small family bungalow or luxury house or anything in between, there are many options to choose from. So be prepared to be surprised on how many really good deals exist in the area that you can afford.  Are you ready to find out how far your budget can go? Let me help you –Give me a call or send me an email today.


To know more about this housing report, zoom in this infographic below:

Here are a few links to my other references aside from the infographic:


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