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Indian Home Loan Program v2

Indian Home Loan Program v2

Indian Home Loan Program v2

Apr 05, 2018
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Indian Home Loan Program v2

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Make Use of the Native American Loan Section 184 Program!

If you belong to a family that is Native American or Alaska Native, then Loan Section 184 might be just what you need to make your home buying dreams a reality. The Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program helps Alaska villages, tribes, or tribally designated housing entities receive specialty home mortgage products. This program is also known as Section 184, which was created by Congress in 1992. If you’re eligible for this program then you can receive easier access to capital in order to purchase a home.

Here’s how Section 184 works:

If you’re in a family with members of a federally recognized tribe, live in a tribally designated housing entity, or live in an Indian Housing Authority home, then you may be eligible for a low down payment mortgage and flexible underwriting costs.

HUD’s Office of Native American Programs will guarantee your loan, so that you can purchase a property with a low down payment. If you default on your mortgage loan, HUD protects the investment for the lender, making it a secure financing option for mortgage brokers.

In order to be eligible for a Section 184 loan, you have to purchase a single-family home using a 30-year fixed-rate loan or less. Commercial properties cannot be financed using a Section 184 loan, but you can use the loan to purchase property beyond tribal trust lands in certain areas. Participating lenders can inform you of your eligibility, and where you can purchase property, depending in the State and county you’re planning to buy in.

Interested in learning whether you’re eligible?

If you would like help finding a property that’s approved for Section 184 funding, then give me a call or send an email. I can also help Native Hawaiians access homeownership loans through a subset of this program called Section 184A. There are many eligibility requirements and steps you must take to get funding for your Section 184 home.

With my years of experience I can help you save thousands of dollars on the purchase and financing of your next property or just have questions, give me a call or send me an email today.


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