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Experience the Splashing Lifestyle at Lake Texoma Marinas

Experience the Splashing Lifestyle at Lake Texoma Marinas

May 17, 2018
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Simply…waterrific! True, that is not a legitimate dictionary term but, since it describes what Lake Texoma Marinas is all about, we may as well introduce the word into the English lexicon.

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Lake Texoma is a manmade lake built in 1944 as a reservoir for the Denison Dam. Natural water flows through it, directly from the Red River. Aside from primarily being used for flood control, water distribution, and hydroelectric power generation, Lake Texoma is best known for its recreational facilities. The vast area of water is home to Oklahoma’s nautical haven, the Lake Texoma Marinas.

Lake Texoma Marinas is a premiere water destination in Durant and its nearby cities. Swimming, fishing, sailing, dining, hiking, hunting, golfing, shopping – you will never run out of things to do and places to see throughout the area. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation getaway or just a serene place to unwind, Lake Texoma Marinas has it all for you.

Tourists and locals who love fishing can find an abundance of fish species here, with the naturally produced striped bass as the best catch.

Ride on a yacht, visit a ship deck, or swing away in your jet ski while you marvel at the charm of the great waters. There are a large selection of operators providing full marina services ranging from boat and kayak rentals, storage, docks, slips, refuelling, and mechanic assistance.

Aside from being a boating paradise, Lake Texoma Marinas also caters to the foodies at heart. After a day of sailing or cruising around, you have plenty of dining options from snack bars to specialty restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a glass of ice cold beer or a plate of grilled steak or seafood, it will always be easy to find.

Camping is another way to enjoy the scenic views at Lake Texoma Marinas. Families and friends usually gather here especially during the weekends. There are hundreds of picnic tables, campgrounds, and RV sites readily accessible throughout the area. If you prefer more convenience, you can also rent budget vacation homes or luxury cabins. Several resorts provide warm, personalized service and attractive amenities that will make you come back for more.

Perhaps you would like to explore what’s beyond the shoreline. Since the lake is near two national wildlife refuges, you will have the chance to see migratory eagles, heron, geese, egrets, and more. The hunting grounds are also home to wild deer and hogs, so these will surely spice up your outdoor adventures.

Looking for something unique? An 1800’s Brigantine Tall Ship is docked on Lake Texoma Marinas. One of the last remaining pirate style ships in world, it’s a chance you should not miss. Come aboard and experience a historic sail under the moonlight – definitely Instagram worthy.

And wait, have you ever heard of a dockuminium? That is a condominium right above the waters, Lake Texoma style. At the marinas, you will discover a myriad of housing options such as gorgeous cabins, beach homes, float homes, and houseboats.

If you ever dreamed of owning a stunning waterfront home, then let the charm of Lake Texoma Marinas embrace you. Take advantage of the choice properties in Durant, OK with beautiful views, whether on land or water. The lake is the perfect place to start a lovely lifestyle, and I can help you make it possible. Call me or send a message to my email so we can find your future home today.  


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